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About Us

JURISTA LEGALIS is a key advisor on various constitutional, civil and corporate matters relating to business ventures, contracts in the public & private sectors as well as the Government of India. The law firm has a dedicated team of Lawyers & Solicitors comprising specialists from fields of corporate law, Taxation, Legal Audit and Due Diligence, Advisory Services, and other Laws relating to business transactions including banking and insurance.

Our team comprises various individuals, bringing with them specialized knowledge required to provide professional services in the field of law. The team provides a one-stop shop for those, who need Assistance & Advice on Laws relating to Business Laws, Taxation Domestic and International, Laws relating to Cyber-Crimes, Trade Marks and Copyrights, providing a range of services from the Sunrise to the execution to closure. 

The Law firm has been associated with the Industrial forums causing development of Industries, in Delhi and various other states of India. We have played a key role in prosecuting the Land Mark cases including the Deportation of illegal migrants under the Foreigners Act. We have also conducted various Law commissions.

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